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Sunday, February 12

of moving house?

- kein, posted at 3:47 AM.

It's been going on for quite some time, but I'm giving the thought of moving to my own webhost some serious thinking this time. Blogger's really laggy at times, and I lost one of my entries after publishing it. Lost i.e. I hit the publish button, successfully published, and wala! It vanishes into thin air a coupla minutes later. Whaddahell?

Having serious trouble justifying the cost of registering a domain name and the webhosting though, just for a space of my own. Man, this sucks.

Maybe if I just scrimp and save harder, set aside like a hundred bucks every year hmmmmmmm. Shouldn't be too hard.

After all, pageviews've been dropping these days, and what I write is more for me own benefit rather than anyone else's viewing pleasure ;p And not that anyone else'll be too affected. The brother's been busy coding his arse off on the school projects and juggling work to even think about blogging; seems that his writing fervor's died off alot sooner than mine.

Think, think, think!